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Originally from Sri Lanka, a humble citizen of the most beautiful country of Italy.

After I graduated from college, I used to be a banker for few leading banks in Sri Lanka for more than six years.

But at some point, when I work behind a desk all day, my learning habits were into IT & the Web.

My introduction to the world of SEO started when I decided to move to Milan, Italy, in 2012. I joined a company in Milan for an in-house digital content creator.

Afterward, I went down a rabbit hole of learning about SEO, website management, content writing, and Link building. Search Engine Marketing became a passion for profit afterward in life. I started learning SEO from a certified Google trainer. Also, it took much self-learning, learned through dedicated groups for professionals, from my digital entrepreneurial friends who were around me!

I don’t claim I do everything in Digital marketing, but primarily:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Web development
  • Local SEO by optimizing your Google my business

These are the core philosophies that go with small and medium businesses that want to thrive in the online world.

So Your business can be a startup or a business struggling to get new clients through your website. That is where I come in to play.


Letting my customers see ‘behind the curtain’. 


There are no quick fixes. Only the commitment and sustained effort towards each business goal. 


Obviously, each business has a profit motive. They need and want to make money. My mission is to help them grow online and to grow with them. 

Over delivery

Consecutive and Steady. 

My values towards your business. 

The Faces who works with me.

I love this working collaboration. delivery team

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Malin Kodithuwakku

Founder & SEO Consultant ( MBA UK )

what clients have to say

Giancarlo Alhadeff, FAIA, RIBA

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